Video Game Madness

This week has been video game madness for me and I wish that meant what it once did, which was a mind-numbing set of days spent playing a new release of a title or console or both to the point of near collapse. Those days are long gone and I somewhat hope to see my children go through it, although on second thought… that seems like fodder for another post.

HTML5 Game Development

Anyhow my foray into this digital wilderness is due to some interests in a side project, the Ouya, that is soon to be released for mass consumption. As such I invested in a developers console with my business partner and this has been the impetus for us to  explore the video game development world.

Serendipitously, I came across the following meetups HTML5 Games and  New York Game Makers and after attending the maiden voyages of both groups, they have both proven insightful for what I am getting myself into. Overall, I look forward to seeing how the HTML5 meetup develops and I am real excited how NY Game Makers has set out.

NY Game Makers is run by Jesse Freeman who I met at the HTML5 meetup and signed up for his group pretty shortly after connecting with him there. He is a Microsoft Windows 8 Game Development Evangelist so he seems to have some serious street cred; he sort of wrote the book on HTML5 Game Development or rather a book on it (see pic).

In any case after going to his meetup this Saturday morning, his instruction has already helped me turn a corner on my perspective in game development. As I was getting ready to leave my home before the meetup, I asked myself “What kind of game do I want to build?”, “Why would I want to build this?”, since I know the labor of love these types of projects can become.

So as luck would have it, between some guided direction from Jesse and further reflecting I came up on some ideas that I think have legs. And these ideas seem to resonante and answer the questions I proposed to myself earlier – I’d like to build something fun, like what got me into gaming, so this means some early 8-bit style, pre-nintendo, arcade games, and as for the why? – to prove that I can.

Another cool find from these adventures, is the One Game A Month challenge, basically a community that aims to make one game a month, albeit it doesn’t seem like there are going to be any blockbusters in this mix, but who knows what gems are already there. Whatever the case may be, at least this is spurring future hardcore game devs to keep working on their ideas and hopefully letting practice make perfect.

Regardless I look forward to what these meetups bring and I will do my best to see my game idea into fruition.


17. February 2013 by CSA
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  1. How about a cat herding game?

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