How do I become a polyglot?

This is a question that persists in my mind.

Even more so while I define my career as a digital producer.  Conversely I have identified some goals that could make me better at making digital products; and “How do I become a polyglot or full-stack?” is usually at the top of that heap.

Being a programming polyglot or full-stack developer means being able to work and understand any and all programming languages due to one’s profound knowledge of programming as a whole. In a nut shell, this ability creates an almost flat curve for learning or using new or unknown programming language types.

Learning more programming languages, apart from the web stuff, and staying current of usage trends within these languages keeps me mindful of technology’s constant evolution. Introspectively, this is the rabbit to the hound of my life.

As part of my 2014 motto, Write, Run, Code; I have been prioritizing my ideas on how I could reach this level of learnedness.

In this organizational exerceise I have come across two articles that are proving very helpful to me. One article compiles a diverse selection of online courses and training mediums and it’s not exclusive to programming. Regardless of the list expanding outside of computer science and programming, I value it because of how it provides a holistic view on all online learning opportunities.

The other article is a synthesis of suggestions from what seem to be trained professionals who have insight on which language first timers should learn. I appreciate the summarizations of the languages in this list and the opinions shared by the community through out the article and in the comments of the post.

Anyhow I leave these two gems for your reading pleasure and if anyone has any sites or suggested reading for programming, please let me know, cheers!

05. January 2014 by CSA
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