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The future today

This is some great video work and a UI freak’s fever dream

24. August 2014 by CSA
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5 HTML5 Javascript APIs to keep an eye on

Here is a great article that details what is making HTML5 so damn sexy. This article defines five HTML5 Javascript API’s that open up a web browsers mobile capabilities. Overall these functions speak directly to HTML5 mobile game development and … Continue reading

03. June 2013 by CSA
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Mailbox app – the suspense is making me cray

I am loving how this app is gradually releasing their product and keeping me aware of the finiteness of when I get it. I love everything about apps, I guess that’s why I am in the business of making them, … Continue reading

09. February 2013 by CSA
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Fun Switcher – (Really; a switch for fun)

So surfing the interwebs I came across this gem, the Fun Switcher. Basically this site allows you to cue up sounds bites, play them on loop and gives you a variety of different choices to pick from. Also to turn on/off … Continue reading

03. February 2013 by CSA
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