Flying Lotus “Never Catch Me” [ft. Kendrick Lamar]

take a 4 minute trip with me…

04. September 2014 by Carlos S. Aquino
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You had me at ‘kinetic sculpture’…

Mechanical zen; good ‘ole fashioned gear-porn

27. August 2014 by Carlos S. Aquino
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Boy, I hope this doesn’t end how I expect it to…

This video goes to prove that you can find everything on the interwebs…

26. August 2014 by Carlos S. Aquino
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One-Stroke Painted Dragons

This is some magical craftsman, mad skills

24. August 2014 by Carlos S. Aquino
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The future today

This is some great video work and a UI freak’s fever dream

24. August 2014 by Carlos S. Aquino
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How do I become a polyglot?

This is a question that persists in my mind.

Even more so while I define my career as a digital producer.  Conversely I have identified some goals that could make me better at making digital products; and “How do I become a polyglot or full-stack?” is usually at the top of that heap.

Being a programming polyglot or full-stack developer means being able to work and understand any and all programming languages due to one’s profound knowledge of programming as a whole. In a nut shell, this ability creates an almost flat curve for learning or using new or unknown programming language types.

Learning more programming languages, apart from the web stuff, and staying current of usage trends within these languages keeps me mindful of technology’s constant evolution. Introspectively, this is the rabbit to the hound of my life.

As part of my 2014 motto, Write, Run, Code; I have been prioritizing my ideas on how I could reach this level of learnedness.

In this organizational exerceise I have come across two articles that are proving very helpful to me. One article compiles a diverse selection of online courses and training mediums and it’s not exclusive to programming. Regardless of the list expanding outside of computer science and programming, I value it because of how it provides a holistic view on all online learning opportunities.

The other article is a synthesis of suggestions from what seem to be trained professionals who have insight on which language first timers should learn. I appreciate the summarizations of the languages in this list and the opinions shared by the community through out the article and in the comments of the post.

Anyhow I leave these two gems for your reading pleasure and if anyone has any sites or suggested reading for programming, please let me know, cheers!

05. January 2014 by Carlos S. Aquino
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Write, Run, Code


As I stepped out of the shower this morning, after scrubbing the lingering residue of 2013 off of me, I asked myself, “What do I want 2014 to be full of?”

Overall I consider myself be fortunate, since I have a loving family and I love what I do for money. So from a personal and professional perspective I feel like I’m good.

Well,”good” I guess is subjective and probably not really accurate. I know I am not alone in feeling that family, on all levels: immediate or distant, blood or relation, are complex waters to navigate – wife, kids, mom, dad, sisters and brothers can be overwhelming at times. Also as a digital producer, never stop learning is a job requirement and critical for adapting to the ceaseless shifting of technology.

But for the sake of brevity and this post, I love my fam and pimping pixels, and I couldn’t ask for more from them (although I could, I won’t, right now…)

So back to my post-lavation thoughts, “what do I want 2014 to be full of?”

So short of making an new year’s resolution – I am instead focusing on a new year’s motto and my 2014 motto is going to be the same as this blog post: Write, Run, Code.

By “Write”, I want to write more and make a better effort at documenting what I am doing, more professionally than personally, but we’ll see how that goes. As such I live to create digital projects, whether its  a standard website or a social network or a mobile app, if it connects to the Internet I can probably help build it. Under this auspice I encounter vanguard technology and methodologies to realize outrageous feats of the Internet.  Also as a 20 year netizen I feel like I am not doing my part by not memorializing more of these findings and sharing them for posterity.

“Run” implies exactly that, get my legs moving, heart rate up and sweat as fast as I can – it’s a sight.

And by “Code” I want to make an even more concerted effort on learning more about all types of programming languages and frameworks. This means more engaging more PHP and JavaScript as well as C#, Java and other Object-Oriented Programming languages that will make me better at all the things I do.

So there it is, that’s the motto for 2014: Write, Run, Code.

01. January 2014 by Carlos S. Aquino
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When a fire starts to burn!

08. June 2013 by Carlos S. Aquino
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5 HTML5 Javascript APIs to keep an eye on

Here is a great article that details what is making HTML5 so damn sexy.

This article defines five HTML5 Javascript API’s that open up a web browsers mobile capabilities.

Overall these functions speak directly to HTML5 mobile game development and give developers more tools to make a gaming environment that is OS-agnostic .

These API’s focus on providing relevant handset data to the browser to create a more immersive engagement and give developers more data points to play with.

  • Battery Status
  • Gamepad
  • Device Orientation
  • Geolocation
  • Page visibility

As the mobile web continues to grow we will see more and more API’s looking to make a browser be more than a just browser.

If anyone has a chance to implement these API’s I would love to hear any feedback on performance, cheers!

03. June 2013 by Carlos S. Aquino
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NY Latino Tech Beginnings



Wednesday night I went to the first NY Latino Tech Meetup (NYTLM). Honestly, I feel that this meetup’s creation was long over due; and I say this with 2+ years of being in the NYC meetup scene and with 50+ meetups attended in this time. From this you can probably deduce that I like to network and I ♥

Anyhow, last night was enjoyable because I got to meet w/ a lot of NEW, like-minded individuals that all had in common a love for tech, living close to NYC and being hispanic. And as peculiar as it may sound, since we live in a metropolis with almost 3.5 million hispanics, this does not happen everyday.

Why not? Good question and I wish I had an answer but what I can tell you is that last night this trend bucked, since a group of twelve professionals, eleven caballeros and one dama, met and discussed with each other a varying spectrum of topics. Our conversations ranged from personal interests to professional goals, idealistic desires, social precepts and everything else; although for the most part  the theme was wanting to know more about tech, our personal experiences with tech and tech’s impact on our heritages.

Even the topic of why this group hadn’t been created earlier came up and we all looked at each other wondering why hadn’t the categories of Tech, which is one of’s biggest segments and Latino/Hispanic, another formidable onsite demographic, had not intersected. In any case we can thank <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Rico Oyola</a> and <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Noel Hidalgo</a> for their inspiration and effort to make this happen and organizing this meetup.

Also as a side note, the hosting space ThoughtWorks are impeccable examples of giving back and making a difference. As with so many gems that this magical city has to offer, finding gracious companies and organizations that provide space to startup groups and grassroot movements are paragons of the tech industry. Moreover ThoughtWorks define themselves as “a community of passionate individuals whose purpose is to revolutionize software design, creation and delivery, while advocating for positive social change“.  Man… I can dig it and look forward to seeing how I can participate in their outlook – providing a positive social and productive solution using technology – on second thought, I don’t dig it; I Love It. Additionally interacting with their onsite team was nothing less than pleasant, so kudos to them and for all their magic.

Another aspect of last night’s meetup that I really enjoyed was the observation from a late-coming member that we were moving past the standard ‘meet-up’ format to becoming a ‘do-up’ since we began had a considerable list of Haves & Wants that included homework for us to reconvene on. My understanding of our goals thus far are to create an identity for NYLTM and begin brainstorming on what we could potentially build together as team. Hopefully ideas for both are probably on simmer across everyone’s minds, I know its been renting out space in my head.

So much so, that reflecting on the group’s composition and between everyone’s skillsets, I believe this group has the necessary resources to startup a tech company. There was a nice smattering of production skills (i.e. programming and app development) and key business components  (i.e PM’ing, sales, outreach) to make a well balanced team – a couple designers and some product/marketing peeps and I get the impression that we could be off to the races. Although from my perspective, the races is us against time and coming up with an idea or project that would be supported unanimously and less about making a product or dolla-dolla-bills-ya’ll. Sincerely even the effort of trying to capture this kind of synchronicity blows my mind and makes me feel like this could be the beginning of another great adventure.

Anyway I am excited and will begin to contribute my expertise through interpretive dance and WordPress – so I look forward to posting the NYTLM websites once it’s ready for the world. It’s always exciting to start a new project and I can’t wait to see what comes out of this one.

08. March 2013 by Carlos S. Aquino
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